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Only Good Behavior

MK Box 160 bags/ 8 count, scented bags

MK Box 160 bags/ 8 count, scented bags

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These MK bags should be paired with the MK dispenser 

These bags are scented to cover up those not so nice smells. Fresh smells and better walks. Comes in black and blue. 


- Neoprene material making it breathable and easy to maintain

- Mesh padding on the inside for comfort

-Double adjustable straps on the neck and one on the chest strap

- Plastic attachments make the harness extra light


Size Neck Chest

XSmall- 10-16in 14-19in

Small- 14-19in 16-21in

Medium- 17-20in 18-25in

Large- 18.5-22in 22-33in

Care information

- Rinse harness off in warm water in sink, wet a towel with dawn dish soap and rub dirty spots until clean; hang to dry

- If you absolutely have to wash it in washing machine, wash on delicate cycle and hang to dry

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